3 Uses for an Air Compressor

Air compressors are virtually everywhere, believe it or not, and they are one of the most versatile and important pieces of machinery in the world today. They are found in almost every workshop, garage, and manufacturing facility on the planet as well as many homes. They can be found on almost any construction site too.

Air compressors use the power of air to power a variety of tools and the world as we know it today wouldn’t be able to function without them. You may even have a few air compressors around the house that you weren’t aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses for air compressors both for personal and commercial purposes.

Cleaning Applications

One of the most common uses for air compressors is for cleaning. Air compressors are often used to clean equipment and surface areas in workshops and manufacturing facilities working with wood and metal. They can be used both for domestic and commercial uses. Air compressors can be very useful for people working on DIY woodworking projects, for instance. Pressure washers use air compressors too, as well as almost any piece of machinery that uses pressurized water jets.

Another area where air compressors are commonly used for cleaning is in the electronics sector. Air compressors have been used for years to clean computers and electronic parts in manufacturing facilities around the world and they’re getting increasingly common for everyday users with small units designed for personal use.

Oil Exploration

Air compressors play a very important role in the oil and energy sector. They are used to power pneumatic equipment and tools in offshore and onshore operations. They are also used to insert and withdraw reactor rodents, counteract the action of currents on oil rigs, move fluids and gases from platforms to tankers, and move gas through pipelines, among other things. If you want to learn about the most common types of air compressors used in the energy industry and how they are used, check out the following link:

Powering Pneumatic Tools in Garages

The automotive business is one of the sectors where air compressors are the most ubiquitous. All garages will have at least one compressor and it is not uncommon for shops to have multiple ones being used at once.

Air compressors are used to power pneumatic tools, and pneumatic tools are the main kind of power tools found in garages. This is because they deliver a level of power unmatched by electric tools and are much more energy efficient.

Air compressors are used to power paint guns, pneumatic drills, and pneumatic wrenches. Air compressors can be connected to a system of pumps, valves, and conduits around the shop. Mechanics can then plug their machines into air valves around the shop and use them just like any power outlet.

Air compressors are an essential piece of machinery and the world we have today wouldn’t be possible without them. If you use compressors in your organization, learn as much as you can about how to use and maintain them properly as they can play a very important role and cause your business to come to a standstill if they break down.

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