5 Key Performance Indicators You Need To Consider For Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing campaign requires a deep understanding of the performance metrics that matter. In this article, we will discuss five key performance indicators you need to consider for digital marketing.

  1. Returning visitors

First, you need to measure the number of returning visitors because this metric signals a successful digital marketing campaign. When people go to your website and read your content, they are likely to return to see what’s new. If you don’t have good content, this metric won’t matter because no one will come back.

If your campaign is bringing traffic to your website or blog, there’s clearly something about it that is engaging users and encouraging them to come back for more.

  1. Session duration

A longer session time means it is likely that users are engaging deeply with your website or blog. This is good because it means they like the content and want to read more. It also indicates that your website or blog offers unique value and doesn’t encourage users to jump from page to page quickly.

There are many ways to measure the duration of a user’s session on your site, including using Google Analytics’ Session Duration metric. You can also use this information to understand whether the traffic you’re receiving is short-term or long-term by checking out their recency and frequency metrics.

  1. Cost per lead

You need to measure the cost per lead or sales because this metric signals your return on investment (ROI). After all, the performance of your marketing is what is driving this cost. If you’re getting leads but can’t get a sale, then it doesn’t matter how many people are coming into your funnel. In this case, you’ve got a leaky bucket that needs fixing.

  1. Conversion rates

You need to measure conversion rates because this metric signals the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Your goal is to get users to take action once they visit your site, and if you want to make ROI, getting them directly into the sales funnel is essential. You can measure these conversions in many ways, including the number of people who have submitted a contact form to request a quote.

  1. Click thru rate

Finally, you need to measure the click-thru rate because this metric shows you which content is performing best. As a marketer, it’s important that you advocate for your users and clients by sharing only the most relevant information with them. You can do this by understanding what pieces of content are receiving high volumes of clicks from prospects and customers.

In conclusion, if you want to measure the performance of your digital marketing campaign, then you need to consider these five key performance indicators. These include returning visitors, session duration, cost per lead or sale, and conversion rates. The bottom line: understand and measure these performance indicators, and you’ll be able to understand whether your digital marketing campaign is successful. It will help bring in traffic, get visitors engaged with your content, help them make a purchase, and help generate better leads.

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