Get known to biometric identification

Biometric identification is applied to digital as well as physical scenarios. This solution is used in several applications such as defense, law enforcement, and border control. It is usually applied to situations where you require the identification of a person. An organization captures biometric from an individual and then searches out a biometric repository so that you can identify the person correctly. It is related to identity proof in a digital scenario. This system challenges a person to prove his identity and he needs to respond to allow access to a service or system. This response traditionally involves a factor or an authenticator surrounding that person.

The process of biometric authentication includes using a factor that can identify a person; it may be a face, voice, a fingerprint, or behavior. It can be used particularly against other identifiers including an employee number or a user id. Biometric can be used solely for the authentication system. A person may touch his finger in a smart phone’s sensor. It is used as an authentication solution. If it is your smartphone then it will get unlocked and if it is not your finger them the smartphone stays locked. You can know more about biometric identification by logging into

Automated Biometric Identification System

ABIS or Automated Biometric Identification system is a part of a biometric solution wherein you can use it in combination with other authentication factors such as a private key or other biometric systems wherein you need biometric modalities including face and voice. Its main uses in the public sector include criminal ABIS and Civil ABIS. In a criminal ABIS it is your ability to analyze and process the latent fingerprints. You can compare it against a prevalent database. These days, video surveillance may be collected to compare against the already existing samples of facial images. Biometric data is collected from criminal suspects.

Civil ABIS is not particularly used for a criminal investigation and thus, the ability to provide video surveillance footage or latent fingerprints are not included. Biometrics can be submitted for searching a law enforcement system. Civil ABIS may be used to make sure that an applicant of visa is not there in a criminal database. It is helpful as an identity measure to prevent fraud. It does not allow an individual having an existing identity to create a false alias to collect a fingerprint sample and to perform a facial scan when you enroll. In the private sector, it is majorly used in some countries, especially healthcare.

The advantages of facial recognition

Every biometric modality has several merits and demerits. Facial recognition can give you many benefits over other biometrics. It is very useful related to algorithm training. Biometrics may be used in a concert such as the comparison of a person according to the facial images given on the ID card. Facial recognition is used to enhance or automate the process and gives you a higher matching accuracy. All tablets, laptops, and smartphones have already built-in cameras that allow good quality selfie shots. This makes it highly convenient for collecting facial recognition sample to compare it against the template. For more information, log onto

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