How to Get More SMS Subscribers Fast

Studies have shown that millennials prefer text messaging to other forms of communication. When asked to choose between a text-only phone and a voice-only phone, 75% of respondents aged 18 to 34 opted for text-only. This is their preferred method for receiving business communications as they find it less intrusive, more personal, and it makes them feel more valued. How can you increase the number of SMS subscribers quickly?

Provide VIP Access to SMS Subscribers

Popups are a seamless way to obtain SMS subscribers. Remember that you have to obtain your customers’ permission to put them on your SMS list. This is legislated. A popup is an attractive way to get this. Make sure it aligns with your brand’s colors and brand style. Set it to activate after visitors have scrolled through 60% of your site.

Link popups to VIP treatment. This could include special offers, early access to sales, discounts, and 24/7 availability for person-to-person communication. Immediately after popup is accepted be sure to send a welcome text.

The value of a VIP access marketing program is that your customers feel that the company appreciates them. It builds a two-way communication relationship that keeps customers engaged.

Increase your SMS Subscribers Using Email

When using the different channels to gain opt-in to SMS messaging, it is useful to know upfront where to place your focus. Some channels have a very low opt-in rate and may not be worth your while.

A channel can either use a placement for a basic placement or a premium placement of their SMS call-to-action. A basic placement is when the call-to-action is embedded in an advertisement. A premium placement is when the call-to-action is the advertisement.

An in-store SMS call-to-action has a return rate of 2.3% using basic placement and 3.2% using premium placement. The return rate on television as your channel has a 1.0% return on basic and 2.4% on premium. Compare this to email, which has a return rate of 1.6% on basic placement and a whopping 10.5% on premium placement. The premium placement option works best for email and is far superior to other channels.

Software for SMS Subscriptions

Your SMS subscription marketing strategy will generate a lot of excitement. Customers who opt-in will tell friends and family about the rewards program or VIP benefits. This is good because it creates a new avenue to attract customers.

The downside of this is that you are going to get numerous customers who try to opt-in more than once to get their reward. If you are not using an SMS marketing software platform, you will not pick up on these duplicate requests. With the right software, you can send these customers an SMS to inform them that they are already signed up. This software is also great for political campaigns. For conservative text messaging, Tatango provides an optimal, comprehensive solution.

Because SMS is seen as less invasive and can be answered at the customer’s convenience, they are more inclined to be open to your message. It is important to reward your customers immediately when they opt-in. This is a big part of the attraction of such a marketing strategy. Don’t forget to send a thank you message as soon as they choose to opt-in to start cementing the relationship.

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