How to make your business the best place to work

With so many businesses suffering from having a high employee turnover and a very low retention rate; it is imperative for the forward planning and survival of your business that you concentrate your efforts on making your business one of the best places to work. This way any investment that you have made in your employees will serve your business well, as you will have a well-educated and experienced team that is loyal working for you.

Listen to your employees

It is important to listen to your employees, as you may find that they have some really good ideas that will improve their working environment, which in turn will improve your employee morale. This might be facilities that they feel should be improved, or if it is just a different method, new software, or a quicker way of getting their job roles done

High employee morale is something that all bosses should work towards as this affects the business’s output, quality and reputation. So, what benefits your employees will in the long-term benefit your business too.

Provide them with hassle-free working conditions

Providing your employees with hassle-free working conditions is something that you should strive towards. Hassle at work can come from multiple sources, such as unobtainable deadlines due to bad scheduling, overloading workloads due to lack of staff or staff shortages or bullying from other employees.

It is important that in these cases the issues are sorted out, scheduling may need to be re-addressed, the hiring of new staff members or reissuing of workloads so that everyone gets a fair share. Bullies should be dealt with so that they do not feel that this is the right way forwards rather than ignored or at worst praised and rewarded for their behavior.

Of course, there are issues that are outside the business (quite literally), that should also be addressed rather than ignored and this is the issue of congregating youths. When in groups they can be particularly obnoxious and intimidating especially if they feel that they have the upper hand. Causing damage and inciting fear in their victims. Although they may not be meaning any real harm and maybe just playing around enjoying themselves, their enjoyment could very well cost you in good workers crying off or handing their notice due to not being able to handle the stress of the after-work scenario.

However, you can put an end to the enjoyment of the youths, on your territory at least, by installing a gadget called the mosquito device. This handy little gadget will emit a high frequency that will be irritating to young people, and you will find that they will very quickly find somewhere else to spend their time leaving your employees hassle-free and able to come and go in peace and quiet.

Pass on the praise when it is due

It is also very important that you pass on the praise from your customers to your employee when it is due. Too many employees only hear about things when there are problems or issues and yet there are often praises sung, and gifts given by the customers that do not get as far as the workers themselves.

This is a bad way to run a business as your employees should know when they have done a job well and have a satisfied customer just as much (if not more) than when they have done a job badly and either be sent for more training or have to complete the job again or not be trusted to perform that particular job role ever again.

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