Identity and Access Management – The Discipline to Manage IT Security!

Corporate security breach has become a regular activity. Every employee of a company today has access to the data that is probably a requirement of only the top officials. This availability of data freely over the corporate business system has led to more frauds than any other sources.

In an attempt to improve IT security it is crucial to examine the identity and access management of the company by scrutinizing the visibility of data and its protection. Access management tools enable obtaining IT security system with a number of features to improve data protection.

Access according to authority

Access to unrequited data from the company database renders possibilities for employees to misuse it. About 30-40% of the employees of the companies are made available the company data that they might not require under their role. Therefore the access to unrequited data is inviting more loss than ever. This harms not just the company privacy but the users too. Breach of data can be dangerous for both the company and the customers. Through access management this can be stopped!

Rightful password management

Unlike the traditional management systems where the password for the employees was out in the open, today the companies have gone stricter with logins. But the regulation has been ineffective in clearing off the past data. Companies don’t erase the employee accounts even after they quit. The availability of password and access allows data breaching agents to take advantage of the crucial company data. Through access management rightful password management can be made where the employee accounts get locked after a number of days, periodical change of passwords etc.


Under GDPR compliance the IT security companies are required to furbish the reports of risk exposure that stands in a company. There is added documentation requirement for the companies to prove their minimized risks and maintained security. Strict reporting system ensures higher security standards.

Segregation of Duties

The biggest step towards getting a full-proof identity and access management is Segregation of Duties! Through this the employees are given access to the data only up to the limit they shall require based on their role of duty. Therefore any unauthorized access to data is stopped. No employees are granted full access to data. Thus limiting their usage!

Identity and Access Management has become a crucial move of the IT security and enterprises to ensure data safety as per the standards laid down by the EU GDPR

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