Online Payment: Main Types, Advantages, And How To Choose A Platform

You have a business and need to choose an effective online payment system, but you don’t know where to start. So, you don’t have to worry anymore because, in this article, you will find all the essential information to hire the best platform and offer payment solutions according to your company’s and your customers’ profiles.

To help you choose the best option for your business, we’ve put together this guide with the main types of systems, the benefits they can bring to your business, and how to choose the right systems. Come with us and learn everything you need to know to hire the right platform.

What Is The Online Payment System

Online payment with E-Complish for example is a collection system used by companies in different segments, such as e-commerce, service providers, and even individuals, for financial transactions. The software available in the payment market offers payment methods for purchases, which include credit cards and transfers, such as:

  • document
  • TED
  • Pix
  • digital wallet

With easier access to the Internet and mobile banking, this sector has seen significant growth in recent years. Among the means of payment most used by consumers in physical stores is the credit card, with 66%; just behind are the debit card and cash, both with 64%.

The survey also revealed that the increase in use of internet payment methods has grown from 4% to 21% of consumers over the past two years. In terms of e-commerce, among the means of payment most used by Brazilian consumers is the installment credit card, with more than 48% acceptance.

What Are The Main Online Payment Methods?

This market offers the most varied payment methods, so customers can choose the one that meets their needs. Discover the means most used by consumers for purchases in physical establishments and digital channels and What Is IVR Credit Card Processing?

Bank Payment Slip

This is one of the most traditional modalities of the online payment system, representing this sector’s second-largest share of purchases. In addition, this payment method is considered one of the most democratic means of paying for purchases due to its convenience and speed. To give you an idea, 45 million with a bank account use this method to make payments, whether for a purchase or an invoice.

Credit Card

Of course, the credit card is on our list of the most commonly used payment methods for physical and online purchases. The strength of this payment method is so great that market research indicates that currently, 52 million have a credit card. This preference is justified by its practicality, versatility, and the possibility of allowing the purchase of products even if the consumer does not have money at the time, also allowing online payment to be diluted as needed.

Online Debit

In addition to credit cards, online debit is also one of the most used by consumers to pay for purchases of different products and online bills, including the Internet, water, and electricity. Online debit is a facility whereby debit is made directly from the customer’s current account, which saves people from having cash in their wallet for different types of payment.

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