Process Of Laptop Recycling

We can separate the two words of Laptop cycling to understand the proper meaning. Recycling means using the raw materials and components from electronic waste products of the Laptop system. This is a sustainable way for reusing IT waste components, repairing them for functioning many things. In 2009, 38 per cent of total waste of electronic material and waste Laptop parts were recycled in the United States, 3% and 5% up from three years. Due to more investment and awareness, many waste electronic components were recycled worldwide. Recycling of electronic raw materials and components occurs for recovering precious metals and rare earth metals and metals and plastics.

Why recycle?

If the old Laptop and electronics items are recycled, they become a secondary source of raw materials, but they are converted into carcinogens and toxins if not recycled. There has been a fast-growing process of electronic components and Laptops worldwide due to planned obsolescence, low initial cost, and rapid technological change. The technical solutions were mostly available, but most collection system, Legal framework, and logistics services should be implemented before applying technical solutions. This Recycling process is the same for computer recycling.

Materials used in the process

Many materials are used in the Laptop hardware that can be recovered and recycled for future generations. Re-use of iron, tin, aluminium, and silicon that are already present in Laptops and laptops can be recycled and reused to manufacturing a new product,t which can help reduce raw materials requirements cost for new material.

Laptops contain many toxic substances such as chromium, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, mercury, and radioactive isotopes. The monitor of a typical Laptop contains more than 6percent weight of lead, which is present in cathode Ray tube lead glass

The major concern is exporting waste materials to other countries with low environment standard. Many recycling methods such as consumer recycling consist of donating a Laptop to the needy organization, selling, getting components to a perfect recycler, and sending devices directly to the original manufacturer.

Another method is scrapping, a laptop recycling process of mobile phone, Laptop, and TVs for reuse. The broken parts can also be repaired, which can have a high value with a cheap labour cost. Online auction is another method for those willing to resale their Laptops, keeping a low price in a competitive, complicated Sales. This method can be risky as forgery uncertainty and scams.

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