Social Media Marketing Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Know


With billions of active users worldwide, social media has become a critical component of any marketing campaign. Apart from creating exposure and elevating online visibility, it enhances engagement and fosters strong business relationships, leading to higher conversion rates. And if you understand how to leverage the platform correctly, you’ll be able to attract a greater volume of traffic and improve your sales significantly. All major companies ­ like Nike, Netflix, and NetBet – use track conversion metrics to understand traffic and retention. With that said, here are a few tips in social media marketing that every entrepreneur should know.


Define the intended audience

The goal of any social media campaign is to improve online visibility and generate leads and conversions. However, if you don’t know who your target consumers are, you won’t market effectively through this platform. In fact, you’re more likely to waste your time and money. So, make sure that you start by defining the intended audience of your business first. The most effective strategies are those drawn around the customers, after all. You must follow your ideal users from which platforms you need to be on to the kind of content you must create. Doing so will give you much better odds of succeeding than you otherwise would have.

Select the correct social media channels

While digital marketing across all social media channels might seem like a good idea, it won’t get you the returns you’re looking for. After all, not all social networks will host the same user base. As such, you must ensure that you select the channels where people who are most likely to turn into your paying customers are at. By focusing your efforts on the sites favoured by your target demographic, you’ll be able to boost quality traffic to your website that will lead to conversions.

Remain consistent with your content

No one can deny that high-quality and relevant content will win you over followers and prospective customers on social media. This form of marketing boasts benefits that many others lack. However, apart from varying the format of your materials, you must also remain consistent with uploading content. If you aren’t, it will send a negative impression to people. More importantly, it will make it much more challenging for you to keep your brand or enterprise relevant. One tip is to establish a content calendar so that the assigned people don’t forget to produce and publish content.

Humanise the brand

Digital innovations may have made communication more accessible, but the drawback is that it misses out on emotion. By humanising your company’s brand on social media, you’ll enable your company to go beyond what is shown on the platform. It will help you connect to consumers on a deeper level and give yourself a better chance of encouraging them to take specific actions that will positively affect your organisation.


Social media is a marketing platform that has become commonplace with both small and large businesses alike. However, if you don’t use it correctly, not only will you miss out on opportunities to convert, but it could negatively impact your business. So, follow these tips when marketing through social media.

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