What are SBC Computers? What Are Their Advantages?

SBC computers or Single-board Computers are the computers that are built on just one circuit board with I/O input/output, memory, and other features required from a functional computer. Single-board computers are made as development or demonstration systems. Most portable computers or home computers integrate all their functions onto a single printed circuit board.

Unlike desktop personal computers, single board computers do not depend on the expansion slots for the peripheral functions or for expansion. These computers are made up of wide-ranging microprocessors. They are simple in design and made up by computer hobbyists that make use of the static RAM and the Low-cost 8 or 16-bit processors.

There are a number of different types of home computers or portable computers that integrate all their functions onto a single printed circuit board. In short, these single-board computers are complete computers in themselves. All the necessary components of a computer like digital, analog, and mixed-signal get together on a single board. It is not possible for the SBC computers to be customized for any specific application.

What are the Advantages of SBC Computers?

One of the main advantages of these computers is that they cost far less than desktop computers. They are also mechanically/vibration resilient because no additional connectors for connecting computer modules to the carrier board are needed. However, these computers are locked into a configuration once the memory option and CPU are selected. This can turn out to be an advantage when hardware changes are not needed.

A lot of people use SBC these days. Indeed it is one of the top and the most preferred choices for environmental conditions that are humid, greasy, and harsh and have to withstand a lot of shocks and vibrations. SBC computers were built by enhancing the density of integrated circuits. It reduces the overall cost of the system by bringing the number of circuit boards needed and by eliminating the bus driver circuits that can be used otherwise.

When all the functions of the computer are put on one board, a smaller system can be obtained just like the notebook computers. Single-board computers are commonly defined across two different architectures: slot support and no slot support. Embedded SBCs are the units that provide all the needed I/O and do not have provision for plug-in cards. So, SBCs are used in video pokers, kiosks, control automation, etc. They are very small in comparison to the AT X-type motherboards that are found in PCs.


In short, SBCs are smaller and have more useful features and functions. They have a flexible design which is very hard to beat. They are supple and their suppleness is because of their chip size, their power, and their form factor. The best thing about them is the fact that they are cost-efficient. Over and all SBC computers are preferred because of their flexibility, size, and ease of use.

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